Pat Patterson of Lucky 7 Tattoos

26 Mar

Hello, it’s me again. This is an interview with Pat Patterson of Lucky 7 Tattoos, 2120 Okeechobee Blvd Wpd Fl 33409. The number is 561-721-0595. The websites is Open from 12-9 Monday-Saturday. 2-7 Sundays. Walk-ins welcome and appointments preferred.

He has always been interested in tattoos since he was a kid, he remembers covering him in fake tattoos (I love fake tattoos also.) Pat’s mom knew that he would have his hands full. Pat wasn’t trying to make tattooing his job it just kind of fell in his lap, and Pat took the advantage of it.

Pat learned to tattoo through an apprenticeship under his friend and now Co-Owner of Lucky 7 Tattoos, Trevor Wilson. Trevor showed Pat the ropes.

Most of his clients are getting new school pieces from him, different objects, animals and so on. What’s popular with him right now is painting. It is what he does pretty much when he’s not tattooing now days. He’s most known for new school tattoos.

He tries to stick with solid lines in his tattoos thick ones, thin ones, and try to be original. He just tries not let his mind get to far outside of his clients design choice.

He’s trying to use different color techniques right now. He’s kind of toning his color pallet down, so not everything is so super bright. And lots of different line techniques.

The tattoos that he won’t do are: Gang related and racist.

He’s had work done by: Trevor Wilson, Ackermon, Timmy B, John Montalvo, Steve Martin, Tanane Whitfield, Travis Brown, and Josh Grable. Pat looks up to so many different artists like Gunnar, Timmy B, Jimi Litwalk, Crayola, Nikko are just a few.

He likes that he has freedom to pretty much do as he likes like travel, conventions ( I love traveling and conventions too) and just tattoo where ever and be able to make money. What he doesn’t like is that people with no tattoos come in and argue with him about what the guy down the street said. So they expect him to do it their way for cheaper.

His “dream” client is someone with a great idea that can be done in one sitting. They don’t complain about price or it hurting (Because it is going to hurt anyways.) They just relax and cracks some jokes and let him do his job.

He likes to work with acrylic paint and prisma color pencils. He hasn’t had any formal art training but he’s still awesome.

He likes to play Call Of Duty (my mom says that’s a adult video game), go to a bar with some of his friends, Also, he likes to hang out with his lady.

Make sure to Check out more of Pat’s work and add him on facebook to follow him, his career and travels!!!!!


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