Rhi Wallace in the Spotlight!!!

21 Jan

This interview is about Rhi Wallace. Now, it’s her turn to be in the spot light.

Her husband, Chris and her own the tattoo shop A Psychic Unicorn and fine arts gallery.

107 Gateway shopping center Edwardsville PA. They both do walk-ins and appointments. No flash studio. The number is 570-238-1199. You can visit them at www.facobook.com/apsychicunicorn.

Rhi started tattooing because she loves art. (I love art too.)

She went to college for animation at first and then graphic design. She graduated and worked a ton of “art” jobs (Graphic design, web design/advertising and printmaking) and she didn’t enjoy the monotony. What was appealing about tattooing was getting to draw and do something everyday. (I LOVE to draw.)

She got an apprenticeship and learned her basics. She was fortunate to have the help of a great artist who showed her the way.

People go to her for bright, surreal colors. Her favorite pieces are when she gets to work with the customer  and draw. She is not into recreating the same pieces off the same pictures.

Rhi loves traditional style tattoos. Simplifying an image, tattooing it with tight lines and bold colors is what she wants to do. It’s fun grappling with clients she says.(I have no idea what grappling means.) When you find that middle point sometimes it challenges you to go outside your comfort zone. She likes that.

She’s rather happy with her technique but she is always working on something. She’s been trying to hone her overall style. She’s been pushing her color pallet. An artist should always try to evolve and get better.

The list seems long of the tattoos that she will not do. She will not do hate related tattoos, neck, hand/finger, face tattoo. Baby Momma/Boy friend names, and bad designs. Tattoos are serious not a fad she says.

Currently Mr. Tony Mancia does most of her tattoos. He’s a great friend and Rhi trusts Mr. Tony Mancia entirely. Rhi has been going to get laser removal and has trumped getting new tattoos. Rhi likes artists who have original style. Something Rhi’s never seen before. She likes allot of Belgium and German artists. They seem to push the norm. Rhi is a big fan of POP/Street Art. She collects Sheppard Fairy Prints

Rhi loves the process of getting and assignment, drawing it and bringing it to life. She loves tattooing. She loves the array of people she gets to meet on a daily basis. She hates the stereotype of a “tattoo artist.”

Rhi’s perfect “dream” client is the best clients give you freedom.

She graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in Media Art, so she learned everything she wanted to know(oil painting, drawing, printmaking, pottery, jewelry..). Then she worked different art jobs and they paid well but they were torture. Without college or the training in these jobs she would stink at this.

She likes traveling and playing with the dogs. Adventures.



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