Tim Pangburn of Philly

2 Nov

My mom told me about a awesome tattoo artist name Tim Pangburn.

I emailed him and he did a awesome interview with me.

His studio is called Art Machine Productions. It’s a private studio in Philadelphia, PA.  He works by appointment, and he can be contacted through his website, http://www.timpangburn.com, or by phone. 267-239-2724.

His great grandfather had a bunch of tattoos, so Tim was around them since he was a kid. (Just like me.)  When, Tim got his first tattoo, he knew that he had to do that.  He was instantly hooked and didn’t want anything else.

He did an apprenticeship with a friend of his brother’s.  It lasted a year and a half, and it was mostly scrubbing tubes (my mom uses disposable tubes,but I just learned to tare down, she said that’s close enough to scrubbing tubes for me and watching other people tattoo. (I like watching people tattoo because you get to see their style better than looking in a magazine.  Which I think is really cool because my mom is an amazing tattoo artist and I also get to meet all these other great artists at conventions.)

He has a lot of different types of clients.  He has some who tend to come to him for fun, new skool stuff.  Cartoon animals and that sort of thing.  Then, he has groups who come to him for black & gray.  He does much different work that it’s hard to say.  He always has people coming to him for cover ups, lol, my mom says the same thing.

He focuses on solid design. A nice flow, strong contrast, and readability.  He likes to know that a tattoo can be seen from across and will still look good in 15 years (Awesome).  He really holds himself to very high standards and try to keep his work paying homage to its roots.(I try to do thing at school. I just got straight A’s!)

He has been getting back to basics, and doing more traditional work.  It has been around this long for a reason, and he thinks the principles behind it apply to all styles of tattooing.

He doesn’t do facial tattoos. He just doesn’t feel comfortable with it. (I would be the same way with facial tattoos).  He only tattoos people’s hands and necks who are already heavily tattooed and have career security. ( I would think that getting a tattoo on your neck would be PAINFUL!!!)  He said that he thinks that they have a responsibility to clients to look out for their best interests (My mom says that sentence alone puts Tim in a higher standard).  He also won’t do hateful tattoos for obvious reasons.  (I would not do hateful tattoos because I think someone shouldn’t really have hateful tattoos.)

He has been tattooed by a lot of people.  Most recently, Joey Knuckles, Timmy B., Evan Lovett, and Josh Ruff.  He has a lot of other plans too.  He says that your’re never done!!  (He is right just look at me with this blog!!)  He really loves Steve Byrne’s work, ( I bet that Steve Byrne’s work is good, I must look him up.) and Tim is completely enthralled and blown away with Lu’s Lips.  There’s dozens of others, but those two are the ones that Tim is on today.  It’ll change again in a few months.

Tim lives, eat, breathes, and sleeps tattooing.  (My mom is getting her next tattoo from Tim.  Also, she eats, lives, breathes, and sleeps tattooing just like Tim does.  It’s her life which makes it me and my brother’s life too, but I love it.)  There’s a few things that bother him though.  Bad attitudes.  Tattooers who think they’re ”rock stars” and tattooers who disrespect their clients.  Me personally, just thinks that disrespecting their clients is just wrong.

Tim’s ”dream” client would give him their ideas and let him run with it.  No limit on space or price.  Not that he won’t take all of their money!!  It would just be cool if somebody gave him a theme and said and I quote ”go crazy”.

He paints in acrylic, and he also does a lot of mixed media/collage.  He tries to stay busy with other mediums.  He thinks that it keeps your brain sharp and allows you to approach your tattooing in other ways you wouldn’t normally think of.

Tim cooks and spends time with time with his family.  He likes to talk to philosophy, and Tim doesn’t be quiet apparently once you get him started. He can’t tell me his plans for world domination because then someone could steal his evil scheme (he’s so smart!).  Tim posts semi-regularly notes in his facebook pages about tattooing and his thoughts on the state of the art, so if anyone ever wants to check them out and chime in, you are more than welcome.

Make sure to Add his fan page!!!!

Also Buy one of is Penguin Shirts, My brother has one and it’s his favorite shirt EVER!


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